Prof. Michael Breadmore

microSANZ President

Professor Michael Breadmore obtained his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2001 from the University of Tasmania, before spending time at the University of Virginia, University of Bern and with deltaDOT.  He returned to UTAS in 2004 as an Australian Research Council fellow (APD 2004-2008; QEII 2009 – 2013; Future Fellowship 2014-2017) where he has a continuing position.  He has published over 200 peer-review papers, is co-inventor on a number of patents and has 5 commercial products at market based on his research. 

Prof. Craig Priest

microSANZ President elect

Professor Craig Priest is SA Node Director of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-SA), Deputy Director of the ARC IDEAL Research Hub, and a Research Leader at the Future Industries Institute. Prof. Priest’s research is funded through various ARC schemes (Discovery, Linkage, and Industrial Transformation Research Hub), other Commonwealth agencies, SA Government, and an extensive industry network. Prof. Priest strategically applies industry engagement and research projects to enrich student experiences, networks, and employment outcomes, including founding the ANFF-SA Microengineering Winter School in 2014, which has now trained approx. 500 students.

Prof. Rosanne Guijt 

MicroSANZ Secretary

Professor Rosanne Guijt research at  Deakin University focusses in microfluidic systems for chemical separation and analysis. She has pioneered the area of functionally integrated devices through the incorporation of electrodes and membranes.  She is especially interested in the development of portable and field deployable analytical instrumentation for early detection of threats, spoilage and disease.

A/Prof. Geoff Willmott

MicroSANZ Treasurer

Associate Professor Geoff Willmott is a New Zealander who obtained a PhD in shock physics at the University of Cambridge (UK), then returned to New Zealand and developed an interest in nanofluidics with the Nano and Micro Fluidics team at Industrial Research Limited (now Callaghan Innovation) in Lower Hutt. He moved to the University of Auckland in October 2013, where he has a joint appointment between the Department of Physics and the School of Chemical Sciences. He is a Principal Investigator with the MacDiarmid Institute, and was the Institute’s Deputy Director for Commercialisation and Industry Engagement in the MacDiarmid Institute from 2018 to 2023. He has been involved with the microSANZ group since its beginnings, organising meetings in Wellington (2012) and Auckland (2018).

Prof. Muhammad Johirul Alam Shiddiky

MicroSANZ Member

Professor Muhammad J. A. Shiddik is a Distinguished Professor of Nanotechnology at the Rural Health Research Institute (RHRI) at Charles Sturt University (Orange Campus), NSW, Australia. He obtained his PhD in 2007 and subsequently held positions as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Monash University, an ARC DECRA Fellow at the University of Queensland, an NHMRC Career Development Fellow, and an Associate Professor at Griffith University. He is a global leader in the fields of analytical chemistry, sensor technology, and nanobiotechnology, specializing in developing biosensing methods and portable diagnostic devices for various biomedical and agricultural applications. He has been appointed to the ARC College of Experts for the term 2023-2025 and serves as a member of the Editorial Board in several top-quality journals, including Analytical Chemistry (ACS), Scientific Reports (Springer Nature), and Analyst (RSC). Due to his outstanding research contributions, he has been honored with multiple awards, including the Griffith University VC Award 2023. According to the 2022 Stanford ranking published by Ioannidis et al. (DOI: 10.17632/btchxktzyw.4), he belongs to the top 2% of all researchers across all disciplines and ranks 478th worldwide in the subfield of Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. Vipul Gupta 

MicroSANZ ECR Ordinary Member

Dr. Vipul Gupta is a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania. 

Mr. Gheorghu, Alexandru Andrei

MicroSANZ Student Ordinary Member

Alexandru Andrei Gheorghu is a PhD student at the University of South Australia Future Industries Institute.

Mr. Altayyeb, Ahmad Abdelsalam Khadr

MicroSANZ Student Ordinary Member

Ahmad Abdelsalam Khadr is a PhD student at the University of South Australia Future Industries Institute.